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End of life Insight is helping the terminally ill and the elderly by providing liquid Nembutal(pentobarbital) to be used for Voluntary Euthanasia  and assisted dying.

We sell liquid Nembutal, in dosages which are about double what is normally lethal. The Nembutal is swallowed – which, for some people, can perhaps be difficult because it has a bitter taste. However, we give the Nembutal with anti-vomit medication to help keep it down all the individuals who who have died by this method were so relaxed and so determined to die. This way, the person is fully unconscious in a few minutes, and dead within fifteen to thirty minutes.

Our community is the place where you can safely purchase Nembutal Online. The dosages are double what is normally lethal and that is to ensure there’s no mistake whatsoever.

We have Nembutal available in the below forms:

  • Nembutal Powder
  • Nembutal Solution Oral
  • Nembutal Injection USP.

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