How man flew to Thailand to buy Nembutal for euthanasia.

An Australian man living in Perth flew to Thailand to buy Nembutal for euthanasia after advice from a pro-euthanasia community.

It is no news that tourists from Australia travel to Thailand, Mexico, Peru and China. In Thailand they are called death tourists as everyone knows why they are in town. At first it was easier to simply mail order Nembutal online but with the online sources disappearing many have now turn to traveling.

Jones traveled to Thailand and got Nembutal from a pharmacy in Chiang Rai which costs only $80 for a 200mL bottle. He spent 2 weeks in Thailand going from one pharmacy to another and had a breakthrough in the friendly town of Chiang Rai. His story is a sad one and he sent the below message to us;

In September last year I was exercising and got a pain in my shoulder, I tried to get some work done on it but it didn’t get better and I was told it could be coming from my neck and to get an MRI. It showed I had a very diseased neck and I was told I would likely need surgery. I got a cortisone injection in it first to see if that would help, from there everything went down hill. I started to get pain all through my spine and in my hips, all of my muscles were twitching and I had never injured those parts of my body or has twitching muscles so as you can imagine I was concerned and went to the doctor. I got an MRI done on my brain to see if I had anything going on there which was clear. Then out of nowhere I had a really bad heachache one day which felt really unusual and with everything else going on I went back to the doctor, in that visit he was doing general observations and my blood pressure was extremely high, 195, so he sent me to emergency. I spent 3 days under a renal team and they ran tests but could only find that I had a heart defect that wasn’t relevant for my situation. I also saw a Neurologist in there who told me I was in a pain cycle and to pull myself out of it by walking etc. I was sent on my way with blood pressure medication. I tried to pull myself out of the “pain cycle” but the pain then started spreading and migrating around my body, I developed a burning sensation on my brain which was with me 24 hours a day. I went back home to my parents house because I didn’t want to be around my girlfriend and her son in the state I was in and I started trying to see some specialists for some answers/support. I developed a horrible sensation in my stomach during that time and pushed a gastroenterologist to do a scan which revealed I had what turned out to be an 8cm tumour on my adrenal glad. I did all the scans and tests to see if it was cancer and they couldn’t decipher so I had open surgery on the 6th of December. The surgeon hadn’t had anyone with my symptoms before but hoped that I would feel better after the tumour was out, which didn’t happen. I was in hospital for 3 weeks doing more tests and trying work out what was wrong but they could t so I was sent home on an antidepressant and with replacement hormones because my other adrenal gland wasn’t working. Since then my health has declined further and I have pain through all my bones, my joints seem to breaking down and my movement/mobility is getting worse all the time. I have periods where I am literally in pain head to toe. My jaw pops out of place, I get pain all through my teeth, I have pain in my testicals, my penis, muscle twitches, I seem to have issues breathing some times. My skin has changed, my hair is falling out, I get ringing in my ears all the time, my hands and feet go numb a lot. I’ve persisted with trying to find some answers/support but no one has any for me and I’m left to essentially rot away at home (it might seem like a dramatic term, but that is literally what is happening to my body). My girlfriend has left me, I loved her and her son very much, I can’t work, I am in bed or on the couch most of the day, neither of which are comfortable because I’m in constant pain. I’m alone in my apartment all day and the doctors/specialists/pain/naturopaths etc have done nothing to help and I have essentially told me to learn to live with it and given me an antidepressant which does absolutely nothing to help me. I’ve gone from what I thought was fit and healthy to disabled at 39 out of nowhere. My mental/emotional health has suffered and I don’t want to keep living like this any more. I’ve thought about it a lot and I am ready to end my life, I don’t want to do it to myself and go through the pain of that or end up worse off.”

Advice to terminally ill people looking to travel for Nembutal

Being terminally ill at 39 is not easy and depending on people to take care of you can be humiliating. Traveling to Mexico and Thailand is not a guarantee that you will buy Nembutal. You need a guide and that is what we do. We understand your story and will do everything possible to help you buy Nembutal.

End of life Insight knows it is very difficult to be terminally ill and still embark on such a journey which is why we have a list of online vendors . These vendors have been verified, tested and proven to be 100% reliable. With them you can easily mail order Nembutal and receive it anywhere in the world.

If you need information on where to buy Nembutal online then send us an email.

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