Learn how to make Nembutal powder at home

Many have been looking for information on how to successfully make Nembutal powder at home.

Learning how to make Nembutal powder at home is one of the most discussed topics in pro-euthanasia groups. The drug Nembutal is illegal in most countries and in some you need a prescription to acquire it. There are very few doctors who will give you a prescription of Nembutal and even of they do, getting the drug can be very difficult.

For most euthanasia activists, what they do is either travel to Mexico to buy Nembutal or simply order it online.

Many looking for a peaceful passing through Nembutal have to buy the veterinary version since the human version is very expensive.

Is it possible to make Nembutal powder at home?

Due to high scarcity, learning how to make Nembutal powder at home might just be the solution. Many order Nembutal powder online from China and Thailand. The problem now is meeting the right vendor and getting the Nembutal past customs during delivery.

It is this problem that led members of Exit International make Nembutal powder using simple elements in the laboratory. Though making Nembutal powder is a complex process however with a basic knowledge in chemistry it can be done successfully.

The process of making Nembutal powder

The process of making Nembutal powder can be achieved with basic knowledge in Chemistry. It is a process that requires very simple ingredients and takes about 8 hours under high temperature.



Sodium metal


Diethyl malonate





Round bottom flask – 2000 ml

Reflux condenser


Buchner funnel

Measuring cylinder

Filter paper


Assemble a double surface reflux condenser with a 2 litre round bottomed flask, place 11.5 g (0.5 mol) of clean sodium. Mix 250 ml of absolute ethanol in a portion and if the reaction is unduly vigorous, immerse the flask within ice.

The resulting solution is Sodium ethoxide. The next step is to react the Sodium ethoxide with Diethyl malonate followed by reaction with ethylbromide to give diethyl 2-ethylmalonate.

Once you have the diethyl 2-ethylmalonate, react it with 2-bromopentane. The resulting compound is further reacted with dry Urea to form Non-Pharm Grade Pentobarbital Powder. This too is also effective in euthanasia but with impurities.

Use the test kit to check for the presence of barbiturate.

Once that has been established, proceed to the next step which is preparing Sodium Pentobarbital from the Pentobarbital powder.

How to make Sodium Pentobarbital using Non-Pharm Grade Pentobarbital powder

Having successfully synthesize the Pentobarbital powder, it’s now time to create the Sodium Pentobarbital solution, which is utilize for euthanasia.


  • 6 Gm sodium pentobarbital
  • 10 ml ethanol (95%)
  • 40 ml propylene glycol USP
  • qs to 100 ml with 0.9% saline


  • Dissolve the pentobarbital powder in the ethanol.
  • Add 25 ml of saline (but only after the pentobarbital is completely dissolved), mix thoroughly.
  • Add 40 ml propylene glycol, mix.
  • Bring to final volume (100 ml) with 0.9% saline.

The pentobarbital concentration in the final solution is 60 mg/ml.

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