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The terminally ill and elderly now buy Nembutal from Australia with hopes of using it to end their lives. There is a continuous quest for Nembutal with many flying to Tijuana in Mexico. They were called death tourists and Tijuana getting the name a Market for death in a bottle. The Mexican government had to intervene and put in place certain strict laws regarding the distribution of the illicit drug.

Nembutal also called pentobarbital is a short-acting barbiturate typically used as a sedative, a preanesthetic, and to control convulsions in emergencies. Its popularity has nothing to do with the medical uses but rather what it does when overdosed. I high doses, Nembutal causes death by respiratory arrest. The death is said to be so peaceful and painless that it was approved as a means to execute prisoners on death-row.

For many Australians getting Nembutal means flying to Mexico. Recent restrictions on the drug has made them look elsewhere. Some have even gone as far as making Nembutal at home by synthesizing certain chemicals.

Australians making Nembutal at home

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC) television, about 20 people are already making the drug in a backyard laboratory in New South Wales state.

The ABC’s Lateline programme reported that four backyard laboratories were to be set-up soon in the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Wollongong. Elderly Australians consider the government’s refusal to legalize assisted suicide as outrageous. They say it is their right to end their life peacefully and at a time of their choosing .

Is there a Nembutal Vendor in Australia

With many elderly Australians looking to buy Nembutal, some drug dealers have taken advantage of the situation. They now import Nembutal from Mexico, China and sell in the Perth area. These vendors are hard to find.

We have seen reviews though of successful buyers and also received a sample hence confirmed they are real.

Note that there are many people online who claim to sell Nembutal most of whom are fake. True Nembutal vendors are not found online and if you are looking for a vendor, contact us.

On our forum you will find the scam section. This section exposes fraud and all the fake Nembutal websites. It also has a place where you can report any case of fraud.

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